After crisscrossing Europe for ​6 years as a train conductor, I guide intrepid travellers roaming Europe by rail.

​Not in the picture: my English accent when I speak Italian

​I joined Deutsche Bahn as a sleeping car attendant in 2011 while at university. Here I ​rose to the position of conductor and spent the next five years running night trains from Munich to Rome, Venice, Milan, Paris and Amsterdam.

Every evening I welcomed passengers onto the train, kept them safe during the night and woke them in the morning in time to get off.

In December 2016, Deutsche Bahn gave up overnight trains, leaving me ​​out to grass in an office.

I've started this blog to reconnect with all my lovely passengers, to help you travel Europe, get the best deals and offer you an inside perspective of European rail travel.

In the meantime, I've got a comeback onto the rails planned for later this summer, so stay tuned...