Europe’s Trains during Corona

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Mar 19
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Europe's Train Services during Corona

On this page I am aggregating all rail travel updates from European operators as the corona virus pandemic progresses. More and more countries will be added as I go along. I am reliant on what is written on the various operators' websites. Things are moving fast, so I can't promise everything is 100% up to date. But I am doing my best.

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General Observations

  1. Many international services are suspended, though Eurostar and Thalys are still running.
  2. Most operators have relaxed their refund policies, making it easy to reschedule your journey or get the money back for your ticket. Some do this in the form of vouchers.
  3. Currently, most domestic services are running. Local services are at a reduced frequency.

Great Britain 🇬🇧

Britain is in lockdown. An emergency timetable has been rolled out.


Eurostar is running at a reduced rate of four trains out of London. This I expect to decline further. As of 25th March, France and Belgium have tightened their restrictions yet further. Only

  • Continental EU citizens returning home
  • UK and non-EU with a  residency permit in an EU country
  • Essential workers

are allowed in. Means a romantic getaway or a brie run doesn't cut it.

Click here for Eurostar's corona page and timetable.

France is in total lockdown. Arriving in Paris, you'll need this form with you. If you can't print it, copy it out by hand.

National Services

All operators have introduced emergency timetables. At least half of all trains are cancelled. All franchises have been suspended, putting all railways under state control. 

Here is National Rail Enquiries' corona page, with links to all operators' timetables.

Refund policies

Off-peak and Anytime tickets can be returned for 100% money back. Advance tickets bought before 07:00 AM on March 23rd can also be returned free of charge

Updated: 26th March. Outlook: getting worse

The Netherlands 🇳🇱

The Dutch have introduced a basic timetable. There are fewer trains, but the service is still good. Many thanks to Thierry for writing in with all the details!

International services

Thalys is running a reduced schedule to Brussels and Paris. If travelling to France, be sure to have this form with you. 

Currently there are three Thalyses per day to Brussels, to be reduced to one per day next week. You have to change at Brussels to get to Paris.

IC Brussel is running hourly, but only between Rotterdam and Antwerp.

Since 23rd March, the Amsterdam-Berlin Intercitys have been cancelled on the Dutch stretch.

National Services

From every station there are two trains per hour in every direction (sounds better than many countries in normal times! But I digress). The reisplanner is fed with data two days in advance, and NS recommend you plan your trips at the shortest possible notice so that your timetables are accurate. They also discourage all but the most necessary trips.

Refund policies

Refund policies seem to remain the same. On a national level, most journeys are done with the OV chipkaart, so advance deals don't apply.

International tickets are refunded 100% free of charge.

Updated: 28th March. Outlook: getting worse

Belgium 🇧🇪


There are currently two daily services from Brussels to London. 

Click here for Eurostar's corona page and timetable.

Thalys is running a reduced schedule to Amsterdam and Paris. If travelling to France, be sure to have this form with you.

ICEs to Germany are running at a reduced rate.

IC Brussel runs hourly between Antwerp and Rotterdam.

It seems the Nightjet to Vienna is now suspended.

National Services

Trains are being reduced. A timetable with "Trains of National Interest" is coming into effect from 23rd March. By the 23rd of March, about 75% of the usual seats in any direction will be 

Here is SNCB/NMBS's corona page.

And here is a list of the trains that are planned to run.

Refund policies

Domestic tickets retain the standard rules. International tickets are refunded according to whoever is running them - be it Thalys, Eurostar or Deutsche Bahn. 

Updated: 3rd April. Outlook: stable

Germany 🇩🇪

International Services

Almost all international services are suspended. There are NO TRAINS to

  • Switzerland (though Basel is still reachable)
  • Czechia
  • Poland
  • Denmark
  • France

Railjets from Munich to Vienna are still running. Expect long and difficult customs stop at Salzburg.

TGV and ICE services to Paris are now cancelled.

Trains to the Netherlands and Belgium are running, but at a reduced rate.

Most night trains are cancelled. The Nightjets to Vienna continue to run, and EN 463/462 from Munich to Vienna and Budapest is still hanging in there. Expect border controls at Salzburg and Hegyeshalom. Nightjets to Innsbruck are cancelled as the whole of Tirol is in quarantine.

National Services

Deutsche Bahn are running almost all mainline trains. Only few ICEs and ICs are cancelled. There is an hourly service between most major cities.

However, local services are severely impacted. As I write they are being wound down to an emergency timetable effective from 23rd March at least until the 30th of April. Some lines are completely cancelled, on others the frequency has been reduced drastically.

It is likely that DB will reduce its long distance network to a minimum shortly, as there aren't many passengers and DB needs to conserve staff.

The DB lounges and the restaurant cars are all closed.

All Flixtrain services are suspended indefinitely.

Click here for DB's daily updates. (German only)

Refund policies

If you postpone your journey: DB tickets purchased up to the 13th March for travel between 13th March and 30th April are automatically commuted to fully flexible tickets and will be accepted until 30th June.

If you want to cancel your journey: you can exchange any saver (Sparpreis) ticket up to 30th April for a travel voucher of the same value. 

Fully flexible tickets can be exchanged or reimbursed free of charge.

Flixtrain exchanges your ticket for a Flixbus voucher. Deutsche Bahn kindly accepts already issued Flixtrain tickets up until 30th of April. Good show, DB!

Updated: 3rd April. Outlook: getting worse


Switzerland is reducing all its services, starting 19th March. 

International Services

International trains are cancelled

  • All Railjets to Austria are cancelled
  • All Nightjet services are cancelled.

Local cross-border services like the Léman express continue to run, but at a reduced rate.

Local services to Konstanz (Germany) and Domodossola (Italy) are still operational, too.

National Services

An emergency timetable is running to keep vital state functions going, especially hospitals. All frequencies are being reduced, some lines cancelled. Previous 15 minute intervals are now 30 minute intervals. Previous 3o minute intervals are now running hourly.

For the duration of the emergency timetable, cheap promo tickets (Sparbillette) are not being sold.

Click here for SBB's updates

Refund policies

SBB are secretive about their refund terms. They say they are being "lenient". 

Get ready for some serious filling in of forms and click here.

Updated: 3rd April. Outlook: stable

Austria 🇦🇹

Austria is scaling back its railway services to a bare-bones level.

International Services

There are NO TRAINS to:

  • Czechia
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Switzerland

Some trains to Hungary are still running, but expect border controls at Hegyeshalom. Only Hungarian residents are being let into Hungary.

The Railjets to Munich are also running, but expect a long and difficult customs stop at Salzburg. Same goes for the ICEs to Frankfurt via Passau. Only German residents are being let into Germany.

Local services continue to reach Simbach, Passau, Lindau and Freilassing.

The only international night trains still running are the EN 462/463 between Budapest and Munich and the EN 498/499 between Villach and Munich.

National Services

Mainline and local services are being reduced. Vienna S-Bahns are running to a reduced schedule.

Two-hour schedule of Railjets between Vienna and Salzburg and Vienna and Graz.

Click here for more details.

WESTbahn are running every two hours between Vienna and Salzburg.

Domestic Nightjet services continue to run.

Refund policies

ÖBB-Tickets up until 13th April to Italy, Slovakia, Czechia, Poland, Slovenia, Hungary, Germany and Switzerland can be cancelled free of charge via customer service.

This goes for all Nightjets, too.

Updated: 3rd April. Outlook: stable

Italy 🇮🇹

Italy is in total lockdown. You are only allowed out with a sound reason which you have to have in writing when the police stop you. This is the form you have to have with you. Very few trains are running.

International Services

All international services are suspended

National Services

LeFrecce: one Freccia (high speed train) per day in every direction. Here is the link to that timetable.

In major cities ONLY the main station is served: Milano Centrale, Roma Termini, Napoli Centrale and Torino Porta Nuova.

Italo: severely reduced service. Here it is.

Intercitys: one train per day in every direction. Here is the link to that timetable.

In major cities ONLY the main station is served: Milano Centrale, Roma Termini, Napoli Centrale and Torino Porta Nuova.

Local services: strongly reduced. Here is the link for all timetables of all regions.

Refund policies

Trenitalia refunds all tickets fully. Long and medium distance tickets are reimbursed as a voucher, local tickets are reimbursed in cash.

Italo reimburses you with a voucher that can be used for up to a year.

Click here for all the Trenitalia details.

Updated: 26th March. Outlook: Stable

France 🇫🇷

France is in total lockdown. You are only allowed out with a sound reason which you have to have in writing when the police stop you. This is the form you have to have with you.

SNCF has reduced its TGV, OUIGO and Intercités services drastically. TERs are likewise affected. Ticket offices in stations are closed (and I assume the SNCF Boutiques are as well)

International Services

TGVs and ICEs to Germany are cancelled. The Paris-Moscow and Nice-Moscow trains have long been cancelled.

Eurostars are running at a reduced rate.

Here is the link to Eurostar's updates

Thalys to Brussels, Amsterdam and Dortmund are still running at a low frequency.

Here is the link to Thalys's timetable updates.

National Services

Trains are still running, but at a sdtrict minimum Every day at 17:00 the timetable for tomorrow is made available at the link below.

All OUIGO services are cancelled from 27th March. 

Here is SNCF's Corona timetable. (French. English version is now error 404)

RER and Transilien are running at a 50% level.

Police are at the entrances to stations. You are only let into the station if you've got a ticket and your form stating your crucial reason for travelling.

Refund policies

All tickets for TGVs, OUIGOs and Intercités for journeys up until the 30th of April can be exchanged and returned free of charge.

Those affected by OUIGO cancellations will get their money back automatically within three days.

TER tickets issued on paper can be returned to the SNCF boutiques up to 60 days after curfew has been lifted.

Updated: 26th March. Outlook: getting worse.

Spain 🇪🇸

Spain is in total lockdown. This was extended until April 11th. You are only allowed out with a sound reason which you have to have in writing when the police stop you.

International Services

I can't find any services between France and Spain. Assume all suspended.

National Services

Long- and medium distance train services are now reduced by 70%. Only 1/3 of seats on each train are sold, so as to enable people to keep at distance.

The start of RENFE's Avlo service is postponed.

Here is the link to RENFE's corona page

Refund policies

All tickets from the 18th of March to the 11th of April have been automatically cancelled and the money automatically 100 % reimbursed. 

Updated: 1st April. Outlook: stable

Poland 🇵🇱

International Services

All international services have been suspended.

National Services

National services are severely impacted.

Many trains are completely cancelled, some have had their route curtailed. Other lines have been amalgamated. Some EIP services are being run with standard Intercity stock. 

Restaurant cars are closed.

Here is PKP's extensive corona page.

And here is Polregio's extensive corona page.

Refund policies

Tickets bought before the 4th of March whose date of validity has not yet arrived can be returned for a full reimbursement.

Updated: 1st April. Outlook: getting worse.

Czechia 🇨🇿

International Services

All international services suspended. NO TRAINS abroad AT ALL. Only Czech citizens are allowed into Czechia, and Czechs are not allowed out. Free movement of all Czechs has been curtailed until 24th March 

National Services

SuperCity Pendolinos between Prague to Ostrava/Český Těšín cancelled.

National services are being drastically scaled back. The Olomouc region is in quarantine and trains do not call at Litovel, Červenka or Uničov

Here is a map of all services running as of 28th of March.

RegioJet have adjusted their reservation system to ensure that there is enough space between travellers. Disinfectant soap is guaranteed in all loos. Free water now only in 1st class.

Leo Express is running one train a day between Prague and Bohumín in both directions. They provide every passenger with a face mask.

Refund policies

Tickets can be returned for a full reimbursement, even First Minute Europe promo tickets.

I haven't found RegioJet's refund policy yet. 

Updated: 1st April March. Outlook: stable

Slovakia 🇸🇰

International Services

All international services suspended. 

National Services

ZSSK, Slovakia's national operator, have introduced a drastically reduced timetable. All restaurant cars are closed.

Here is a link to the whole Slovak corona timetable (PDF download)

From 1st April, free travel for students is suspended. Everyone is urged to pay for tickets contactless.

Refund policies

If you bought your ticket before 13th March, 06:00 AM, you have until 30th June to exchange it free of charge or get your money back.

If you have bought your ticket after 13th March, 06:00 AM, administrative fees apply, but I can't find where they say how much. It won't be much.

Updated: 30th March. Outlook: stable

Bulgaria 🇧🇬

Bulgaria has closed schools and parks and discourages all but essential travel. Its borders are closed to foreigners until at least 13th of April.

Here is Bulgarian Railways' corona page (in Bulgarian)

International services

All international services are suspended.

National Services

Most national services continue to run as normal, though there are no trains to Bansko. Travel is discouraged. In sleepers, only single berths are being sold.

Refund policies

Refund policies are unchanged. BDZ assume no liability if you are prevented from making your journey.

Updated: 30th March. Outlook: stable

Russia 🇷🇺

Russia has had few cases so far and is hoping to deal with the coronavirus before it gets around.

International Services

There are NO TRAINS to

  • Italy
  • France
  • Czechia
  • Finland
  • China
  • North Korea
  • Uzbekistan
  • Tadzhikistan
  • Ukraine
  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Estonia
  • Azerbaijan.

Abkhazia appears to be reachable.

Trains to the exclave of Kaliningrad pass through Lithuania without stopping.

The most important trains from Moscow and Saint Petersburg to Belarus and back are running, but only Russian citizens are being let into Russia.

Trains to and from Kazakhstan are running, but Kazakhstan is letting in only Kazakh citizens or people with some narrowly defined connection with Kazakhstan.

National Services

National services are beginning to suffer. On March 30th, Moscow went into lockdown.

Expect more services to be cancelled soon.

Here is the link to RZD's corona page. 

Refund policies

Tickets for cancelled trains can be returned and fully reimbursed. On cancelled domestic passengers are offered an alternate train/date or full reimbursement. 

Updated: 30th March. Outlook: getting worse.

Ukraine 🇺🇦

Ukrainian Railways (UZ) have gone into suspended animation. 

International services

All international services are suspended until further notice. UZ are running special trains to bring Ukrainians back home from places like Poland and Czechia.

National Services

All national services are suspended until further notice. No long distance, no commuter, not even elektrichki. Nothing. 

Refund policies

All tickets are reimbursed free of charge.

Updated: 30th March. Outlook: can't get worse, so stable.

Estonia 🇪🇪

International services

The services to Russia and Latvia are cancelled. 

National Services

Elron, the Estonian national operator, is running a severely reduced schedule.

Refund policies

still looking for them, watch this space.

Updated: 25th March. Outlook: stable

Sweden 🇸🇪

My faithful reader Niklas has written in from Sweden. Thank you, Niklas, for sending  me the Swedish situation.

International services


  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • Norway.

Denmark has closed its borders to all but Danish residents or people working in Denmark.

Norway quarantines ANYONE arriving in Norway for 14 days. All SJ trains to Norway are cancelled. Vy (ex-Norwegian Railways) services between Oslo and Göteborg run twice a day, from the 24th of March these are a bus replacement service.

National Services

Travel is discouraged. However, currently the whole network is still running, though SJ has reduced the frequency of its trains.

Here is SJ's corona page.

MTRX's Stockholm-Göteborg service continues to run. MTRX guarantee all passengers an empty seat next to them to aid social distancing.

Snälltåget is running about half its trains.

Refund policies

All operators have relaxed their refund policies. Non-flexible tickets have been made more flexible.

MTRX and Snälltåget refund non-flexible tickets as vouchers.

Updated: 1st April. Outlook: getting worse

Now what?

Well, I'm going to update this page every day. Truth be told, I'm up for some distraction now.

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For the time being,

  • Keep washing those hands for 30 seconds
  • Stay at home
  • Be kind 
  • Be safe and be healthy.

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    Assuming it’s accurate, this is the best, most useful travel information I have seen during the crisis. Great job.

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  • Really wonderful effort, Edward. Easily the best compilation we’ve seen. Thanks so much.

  • Hello! This is the situation for international trains from Bulgaria:
    Trains that are cancelled include the Sofia-Belgrade-Sofia express and the Vidin-Craiova-Vidin fast train.

    The train connecting Sofia and Thessaloniki will run up to the Kulata border checkpoint.

    The train connecting Sofia and Bucharest will run up to Rousse.

    The Sofia-Istanbul train already was cancelled on March 11. The train runs as far as Svilengrad.

    And national trains have been reduced to a minimum as inter-city travel has been prohibited except for work reasons. You can check it here:

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    Denmark: Trains are running between Malmö (Sweden) and Copenhagen Central (Denmark). Also trains are running between Flensburg (Germany) and Fredericia (Denmark). But you need a creditable reason to cross the border. Nationally, trains are running a reduced service. Source (in Danish):

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