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Mar 19

Europe’s Trains During Coronavirus

By Edward | Coronavirus

Europe's Trains during the Coronavirus Pandemic

On this page I am aggregating all rail travel updates about Europe's trains during coronavirus. 

Every week brings myriad changes to the trains across Europe. I'm keeping tabs on all operators and relaying as quickly as I can. But I can't promise everything is 100% up to date. I am reliant on what is written on the various operators' websites and occasional tidings from readers.

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Europe's trains during Coronavirus - what you need to know

  1. Coronavirus brought down almost all international train services. Eurostar and Thalys are still running, just.
  2. Due to the uncertainty around coronavirus travel restrictions, most operators have relaxed their refund policies. This makes it easy to reschedule your journey or get the money back for your ticket.
  3. As the anti coronavirus lockdowns are easing, most domestic services are running again. Some local trains are at reduced frequency.
  4. Many local border- and cross-border services are still running, in spite of coronavirus. Theoretically you could still get quite far.
  5. However, most borders are closed, making it hard to go anywhere abroad.

Europe's trains during the Coronavirus pandemic - May 2020 Update

May has seen services increasing again.

To make things easier for you, I've split this post into regions - Western Europe, Southern Europe, Central Europe and Eastern Europe. 

Now what?

Well, I'm going to update this page weekly. Truth be told, I'm up for some distraction now.

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For the time being,

  • Keep washing those hands for 30 seconds
  • Stay at home
  • Be kind 
  • Be safe and be healthy.

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